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Many of you are familiar with the Konami brand. Konami is well known for its many video game productions, such as the classic Metal Gear Solid, Silent Hill, or the soccer simulation, PES. But there is one area where Konami is less referenced, namely the slot machines made available through the multiple casino games, and which we offer here in free versions without downloading. And it is precisely for this reason that we have set out to discover another Konami gaming industry, and the company founded by Kagemasa Kozuki will amaze many with its multiple slot machine titles.

Why Choose a Free Konami Slot Machine?

As you will soon notice, the number of slot machines edited and produced by the Japanese gaming house Konami, is almost infinite. And that doesn’t take away from the very enjoyable and pleasant graphic designs and configurations that you can discover in part on our site, free of charge and without downloading. On this list, we have chosen a few points that will put everyone in agreement, and which have certainly made the success of Konami slots for the last few years.

Redistribution rate

Konami is certainly a company that has been providing many hours of gaming since the launch of the very first home consoles, and by launching the production of slot machines, the Japanese publishing company has not lost anything of its superb quality. Especially since these casino games offer real entertainment, and above all real chances of winning. From a general point of view, the rate of winnings redistribution is 95%.

Bonus Games

There will be a lot of bonus options and victory optimizations in the Konami slots. Naturally, there will be the classic wilds and scatters, serving as a joker for the former, and as a multiplier for the latter. It is also one of the best features provided by the company that publishes free casino games with no downloads, as it can be up to x50 on creations such as Wealthy Monkey. But it’s another bonus game that caught our attention more. The “Balance Of Fortune” is a very specific feature of Konami slots. This feature allows you to interact directly with the application, and make a very crucial choice. With no download access, and when you get nearly 20 free spins, you can choose to play them, or simply exchange them for credits that are automatically refunded to your player balance. 

Betting Limitations 

As with its video games, Konami wants to make some of its creations accessible to the general public, but also to create models of the genre for a more specific player profile. That’s why, as you browse through the hundreds and hundreds of Konami slots, you’ll see as many variations as possible in the configuration of bet heights. Some are even subject to a form of microbetting, with spins not exceeding €0.05, and others are reserved for VIP members of the publisher’s affiliated brands. In the latter case, bets can start from 25€, and can go up to amounts of several hundred euros. 


The point that is expected from everyone is of course the graphic design of Konami games. As much as the publisher has amazed us with their video games and the universe they offer, the same will be true for the slot machines. Indeed, we can appreciate a NetEnt and BetSoft creation as much as Konami’s one. The title China Shores is an idyllic example. Inviting you in the purest Asian tradition, the Panda or the Ying and Yang, will be the title symbols, and the visual effects and animations are as entertaining as they are profitable in terms of the associated winnings.


The Konami Slot Machines are easy to learn for both novice and experienced gamblers alike. First of all, by presenting the paytable, or even the application dashboard, they will be identical from one game to another. Moreover, the most general observation that has been made of the Konami universe is this very simple configuration of video slots with 3 rows and 5 reels. So you will have this easy control after just using one of the editor’s creations. By a first try on our platform, you will have acquired a most precious training which will be useful for all the applications from Konami.

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