Amazing Wins That Have Occurred in Gambling History

Every player dreams of hitting a big jackpot. Most of the clients of gambling halls are not widely lucky in their entire life. Nevertheless, every gambling enthusiast has a chance to become a millionaire overnight, if, of course, he prefers games that allow him to claim huge payouts. Nowadays, the majority of online gambling establishments offer huge jackpots. As an example, BetChan online casino provides a wide assortment of games with big prizes. In this way, the number of players who win is growing every day. 

You do not know when the fortune will smile at you. There are lucky people who win without any strategy. Let us consider the most fabulous winning in gambling history that amazed players all over the world. 

Conor Murphy And His Bet

One of the most important events for British horse racing fans is the Cheltenham Festival. He brings together the richest betting fans on the run. In 2012, a young man named Conor Murphy became the protagonist of the festival. He won £ 1 million at last year’s bet.

On Christmas Eve 2011, Conor made an “express” or “accumulator” bet, predicting the winners of five races. All the horses that he indicated came to the finish line first, which allowed him to win a large sum. People who are versed in horse racing know that it is very difficult to guess the five winners at once a few months before the tournament. This is why Conor immediately became a local legend.

“Baby, Let Grandma Play!”

Gloria Mackenzie

In May 2013, Gloria Mackenzie set a Powerball record. The 84-year-old woman won $ 590 million. The odds of winning were 1: 175,00,000. The old woman bought a ticket at a supermarket near her home. Interestingly, an unknown visitor who stood in front of her let her in the queue to the lottery kiosk. She took the top ticket in the pile. So the win could go to that kind man, but he was “intercepted” by a more fortunate grandmother.

By the way, be careful not to fall for the scammers:

  • The Gloria Mackenzie Charitable Foundation, which supposedly sends money to everyone in need, has nothing to do with the lottery winner.
  • These are scammers who extract funds from trustful users.

Put Everything At Stake And Win

Everyone who is even slightly interested in the world of gambling has heard about this guy and his incredible story. In 2004, Briton Ashley Revell risked everything he had on the roulette wheel. He sold the property, withdrew money from the bank account and collected cash. It turned out to be a little over 135 thousand dollars. With this amount, Ashley headed to Las Vegas. He chose the roulette wheel at the Plaza Casino.

Revell put all his money in red. The ball stopped at seven, which meant Ashley won. Leaving a tip to the croupier, the guy cashed out the winnings at the box office and left the casino. He later opened his own online poker room.

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