How to win at slot machines: we have the answer

You will often hear about a technique to win at the slot machine more easily, but the meaning of this concept must be tempered, however. Unlike in table games, for example, you will not be able to directly influence the course of a game. On the other hand, it is possible to play intelligently at all disciplines of online casinos, and slot machines are no exception to the rule. It is important to note that a very high percentage of players lose at slot machines when they could have maximized their winnings in one way or another. 

This is where we add our grain of salt, by explaining how winning at slot machines would have been possible for these users, thanks to simple slot machine tricks that are within everyone’s reach!

Identifying the behavior of the loser and how to win at casino slots is impossible for him or her

We have talked a lot about the strategic approaches of players who want to understand how to win at slot machines, including tactical, mathematical, and in short, technical procedures for those who want to win. However, we could also conduct a more sociological study and try to identify the personalities of those who lose at slot machines.

Often, the loser is a novice or an unsuspecting gambler. He discovers a “miracle method” on an unreliable site. They sign up, deposit money into their account, and play for 30 minutes at a slot machine. After 30 minutes, he is depressed because he hasn’t won anything. He is angry, frustrated or just sad. Within 30 minutes, the online casino has lined its pockets and can be certain that his new registrant will never come back. So you notice that the loser :

  • Is impulsive and rushes too much;
  • Is naive and not very vigilant;
  • Is spendthrift and does not know the value of money.

Understanding the winner’s behaviour and how to win at the slot machine is a reality for the winner.

Let’s continue our little sociological study and focus on the behavior of a gambler who wins after seriously considering the question “how to win at the casino slot machine”. When registering, the player will not have blind faith in the operator’s site and will have already tested a completely free slot machine. The player will ask around and do research to assess its reliability. Likewise, he will never play in a single casino because he knows that it is too risky to put all his money into a single sign. On the contrary, he will spread his capital over several establishments and risk a maximum of only 20 percent of his budget in case of a bad evaluation of the operator. The smart gambler will not play frantically for 30 minutes on a single slot machine: he will take the time to analyze it, test it, calculate the budget adapted to his needs. So we notice that the winner :

  • Is careful. He doesn’t follow his instincts and prefers reflection to emotion;
  • Is distrustful and behaves like a scholarship holder;
  • Is farsighted and prefers to use the casino slot machine – the trick is to save rather than spend.

Now you know the difference between a loser and a winner. It’s all about prudence, time and money management. Ready for a fresh start?

To find out how to win at the casino slots machine, use the hot machine indicators

Some casinos help you better understand how to win at the slot machine by giving you a valuable clue. They list on their home page the online slots on which winnings have just fallen, or indicate which are the hot or cold machines in their interface.

To understand this notion, you need to know that depending on the payout rate, a machine will pay out winnings more or less often / more or less important. If players who have played games on a slot before you have not been able to win anything for a long time, then you are more likely to form lucrative paylines… The machine is said to be “hot”.

One of the least known slot machine tricks: if you win, switch machines

Casino Interior and Row of Classic Slot Machines. Las Vegas Gambling Theme.

Let’s follow the logic of the concept explained above. The machine has not allowed any player to earn money for a long time. You log in and, after a few games, manage to make a big win. At that point, your chances of winning another game in a row, and thus winning a second large sum of money, are infinitesimal… The machine has gone cold!

Want to know how to win at the casino slot machines in this case? Then simply change the game and try to find another hot slot.

Other casino slot machines tip: prefer smaller jackpots, they fall more often.

Most people who play video slots are victims of the lure of winning and prefer to turn to big jackpots, sometimes worth millions. However, winning on this type of game is very unlikely, and it is often better to turn to more reasonable sums of money.

The more limited the jackpot, the greater your chances of winning it. The games are simply set up this way… If you want to see for yourself, you can try your hand at the free slots on our site, offering this type of jackpot.

Playing with bonuses, a real technique to win at the slot machine? Our point of view

Most new registrants to a casino have chosen their gaming establishment based on the bonus offered as part of the welcome offer. These beginners usually focus on the amount offered, and neglect to review the terms and conditions of this promotion. Don’t skip this step, or you risk burning all the winnings generated on your first few games by trying to meet these conditions…

Casinos usually require players to replay winnings from bonuses and other free spins a certain number of times. If you can, choose a site that does not apply this rule, otherwise, aim for an operator that only asks you to invest the money you win in your games 30 times.

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