How to win sports bets almost always

How can you always win in sports betting? Many betting friends try to answer this question permanently, mostly without result. If you think you have found the perfect sports betting strategy, you will usually be proven wrong within a very short time. The illusion that you can always win with sports betting should be put out of your mind by every user as soon as possible – it is simply not possible. Even the safest tip can fall over. In the long run, it is important that customers end up in the green zone. Short-term successes can confidently be dismissed as beginner’s luck. In the following, we would like to give you some basic rules of successful betting. But under no circumstances will every betting slip bring the desired profit.

Sports betting always win – a thing of impossibility

If you were always winning in sports betting, this would of course be the perfect money machine. Logically, every customer would jump on the bandwagon and the bookmakers would go bankrupt in no time. Many users forget already before the betting that the online provider is in the plus. The betting odds are calculated by the bookies to the effect that the bookmaker margin is already included. The betting provider generally starts with a mathematical advantage, which has to be balanced out.

In many cases, customers fall into the assumption that the favorite bets are the most lucrative. The exact opposite is the case. It is undoubtedly true that FC Bayern Munich, for example, wins the majority of its Bundesliga matches, but ultimately not all of them. The relationship between betting odds and default risk is extremely poor, especially for the favorites. The net winnings are so minimal that a tip is almost not worthwhile. It is noticeable that the online bookmakers particularly push the games of the top clubs. They do this not without reason. The betting companies reap their highest profits with the lost favorite tips. Who always keeps this fact in mind, will notice very fast, how absurd these bets are.

Often in the technical language is spoken of the Surebets, the totally safe tips. What is meant here is the exploitation of odds differences between bookmakers. It is indeed true that with the Surebets their sports bets always win. However, the possible net profits are out of proportion to the amount of work involved in finding the appropriate odds. Moreover, the introduction of the German betting tax and the five percent discount associated with it has made it even more difficult for the surrebets.

The own goals are important to win

In life, one’s own goals are always important – and this is no different with sports betting. Users should not aim for quick profits, but for long-term returns. Those who are satisfied with smaller, lasting profits have already chosen the right path. The magic word is defensive money management. They play in relation to their starting capital with small stakes. This way you can avoid total loss and you can survive longer periods of negative returns without any problems.

Stay true to your financial strategy. If you have “messed up” some betting slips, do not try to make up for it with higher stakes. Try to slowly compensate for the loss you have incurred. If you are on the winning side, you should also not let yourself be taken to higher stakes. According to the motto “greed eats brains”, the profits will be gambled away in no time. It is better to wait and see and if necessary have your winnings paid out. Never forget that it is and remains impossible to win in sports betting.

Winning sports bets requires a good bookmaker

The basic prerequisite for a successful sports betting career is to choose the right bookmaker. In the betting provider comparison you will find all relevant bookies with their strengths and weaknesses. In the following, we would like to briefly introduce four of the top providers.

The betting bonus gives additional chances to win

Many betting friends wonder whether a betting bonus can contribute to sports betting profits. The answer is yes. In most cases, the welcome offers of the bookies push the first deposit of the customers. With the additional betting credit, the own money management strategy can be implemented even better. Extra money in this case means additional freedom.

However, it is important that the bonus conditions are moderate and can be adapted to your own gaming system. In the worst case, a betting bonus that is too strict only ties up your own money and prevents winnings from being paid out.

It is not impossible to make steady and lasting profits in betting – but nobody can always win in sports betting. If you have a suitable, defensive strategy and stick to it strictly, you have a good chance of landing on the winning side. Your own goals should always be set for the long term, short-term profits are usually used up very quickly. The old wisdom “in peace lies strength” also applies to sports betting.

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